Sewa International is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization inspired by the noble tradition of service before self, working for promoting voluntarism internationally especially among children, youth, women and energetic senior citizens; building an international network of not-for-profit organizations; promoting philanthropy from the grassroots level to corporate sector; providing relief to the affected during calamities, natural and /or man-made, and rehabilitating them; building capacity of the non-profit organizations towards achieving results, empowering communities and individuals through sustained support; funding committed, grass roots organizations that rely strongly on volunteer efforts; supporting efforts that promote cultural and moral value systems in the society; and aiming to see happiness and well-being in everyone, everywhere and at all times.

Our Vision

Sewa International as a premier non-profit, would live in a world of equality, where everyone is happy, enjoys good health, has equal growth opportunities and lives in balance with nature. In the event of any disaster, Sewa will be called in and be among the first to serve.


Our Mission

Sewa International serves humanity in distress, aids local communities, and promotes volunteerism. We engage our beneficiaries to be agents of change in development and strive to make progress broad-based.

Sewa International is a Non Government Organization (NGO) which is to empower underprivileged children, youth, men and women through education, healthcare and innovative employment to achieve greater potentials in their lives through multiple initiatives. SOme key intiatives of Sewa for the past 3 years:

Sewa projects:

The Girl Child

Six months of research revealed the acute need to do something to elevate the girls in the underserved areas. So, along with Seva Kirana, we began making progress with a four-tiered approach:

  • A focus on sanitation. This includes building toilets in government schools and slums to stop public defecation.
  • An after school enrichment program. Allowing girl children with illiterate parents to not only get extra help with their studies, but also to engage more deeply with their rich cultural heritage. Helping to cultivate an appreciation and love for this beautiful country, India.
  • Free healthcare services. Our medical camps have helped give more than 30,000 people access to general practitioners and specialists to receive a range of services. From eye exams to cancer screenings, to hospital referrals, all services are offered free of cost.
  • A unique approach to waste management. Our menstrual awareness program teaches disposal techniques that allow us to create terrace gardens from the compostable sanitary napkins and other renewable waste.

This year, we were able to hand off 98 educational centers to Abhilashrama, which continue to thrive under the guidance and care of Shri Geneshji. Sewa International still oversees 10 of the centers that pay particular attention and focus to creating a better future for girl children in slums like Anandapuram, Puttanahalli, Ramnagar, and Varanasi.

Our Weaving and Farming Communities

Our research also led us to learn about the poverty levels within our weaving and farming communities, the central nervous system of Bharath. The team traveled extensively from Kashi to Kanyakumari to meet weavers and farmers, hear their stories and understand their needs.

Two distribution channels have helped create new opportunities for our weavers. The first is an exclusive partnership with Ethnic Diva that’s allowing us to promote women and girls’ clothing from our handloom weavers online. And secondly, our new website, GAATA KATHA will be launching in the New Year, making these beautiful goods available to a new audience worldwide.

We’ve adopted farmers from Bider Carthweel and Uttrakhant to help bring their grains, rice, wheat, and pulses directly to stores nationwide. By eliminating the middleman, we’re able to help provide them with a more lucrative, sustainable business model. Additionally, we help to educate them on better farming practices, while also bringing our educational support to their girl children.

Public Health

We also take great pride in our promotion of good health care, and are proud of the progress we are able to make with our great partnerships:

  • Along with the Rotary Club, Rangadore Hospital and Rajiv Gandhi Dental College, we conduct monthly medical camps at various slums and schools. Our services include annual eye and dental exams, and this year we were able to bring over 600 pairs of spectacles to the needy.
  • With the help of The Karnataka Cancer society and Kidwai Hospital, we’re able to screen for and treat oral, rectal, ovarian, breast and cervical cancers. All preventative measures and treatments are offered free of cost. Banaras Hindu University Medical Center heads up these programs in Varanasi, Ramnagar and surrounding areas.
  • An exciting, new pilot program is now underway with Texas Instruments. It’s our first corporate partnership to date to install toilet for the girl child. While we’re just starting with our first school in urban Bangalore, our goal is to successfully equip 15 schools with toilets to help girl children in the coming year.

Building on the work of the past three years, 2016 was a year of unprecedented growth. We hired more staff. We expanded our efforts into new tribal communities, including Bider, Karnatka. And we continued elevating girl children at existing sites while scaling up into new locations.

All of our work is made possible through the support and generous donations from donars across the globe. They are are our extended family, people who stand with us and truly believe in the cause.

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